Lighting Design


Lighting is important to ensure safe passage throughout your property.

Pathways, stairs, decks, docks, patios and recreational areas all need to be illuminated to prevent tripping and falls. Keep in mind that elderly residents and visitors require a higher level of illumination than younger people. In your discussions with us, be sure to identify all areas of your property that are likely to be navigated at night.

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Most homeowners rely upon high-intensity security lighting or post lights to prevent unseen intruders from entering the property.

That type of lighting is both unattractive and largely ineffective. These glaring lights leave areas of complete darkness and make it more difficult to see intruders. Talk with us about replacing your existing security lighting with lower intensity lighting that illuminates larger areas of your property.

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The landscape lighting designer does two things:

  • 1. Selectively reveals beauty that already exists on your property
  • 2. Adds beauty through the creative use of light and shadows.

Identify the architectural and landscape features that you would like to see illuminated at night. If some of these are more important than others, tell US we can direct the viewers experience to accentuate these features. Light defines textures, shapes and structures while evoking a wide range of positive emotional responses. A good lighting design can create moods that are soft and subtle or dynamic and dramatic. It can highlight features of the structure and property, while maintaining a cohesive scene. Good Landscape Lighting is a feast for the eyes.

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We have reached a point now that LED lighting will be carrying us into the future.

The price of some of the bulbs we use today have droped significantly in price and are increasing their light output per watt of electricity. The LED bulb uses about 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. There are a few facts that I will point out about LED’s. The LED light bulbs biggest enemy is heat. The first bulbs on the market didn’t last but a few months in the Texas heat. Now the bulbs we use are projected to last for at least 15 years of use and carry a warranty of 5 years. The LED bulb usually doesn’t just burn out as other bulbs but it loses its brightness and the lifetime is the point that the bulb has lost 20% of its brightness. CAST-LIGHTING bulbs are built with a light temperature of 2700Kelvin, this is the same as a incandescent light bulb, this temperature is psychology pleasing to humans. The cast LED is an electronic light bulb that is resistant to heat and electrical spikes. Although the bulbs are expensive they save on the amount of transformer capacity needed and also a less expensive size wire can be used.

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What is aLandscape Lighting Designer

A Landscape Lighting designer has been defined as a multidisciplinary design profession that is, in fact, distinct from architectural, interior, landscape and urban design, as well as electrical and electronic engineering, yet uses many of the same design principals and intersects with all of them. This design discipline integrates knowledge in the natural sciences and the social sciences, as well as technology and engineering. It requires expertise in the physics of light and the physiology and the psychology of light perception by humans, also known in the United States as human factors.

A landscape lighting designer tackles the outdoor lighting needs to enhance the lighting of structures but also the natural environment of plant materials and manmade materials, water features, pergolas, sculptures or even highlighting details of a large decorative urns and vases.

Landscape Lighting is a fine art that accomplishes many things at the same time. Being skilled in using the design tools of the fine arts professions the lighting designer goes through a process starting with setting goals then devising a strategy to achieve those goals. There are numerous lighting techniques that can be employed and many lighting effects that can be achieved. The knowledge, skill and artistry require for a great lighting design is considerable and requires a significant investment of time and energy.

The difference between a great landscape lighting design and a mediocre one can be clearly seen and felt by the homeowner. A great landscape lighting design creates a nighttime experience perfectly tailored to your wants and needs. Do you want to feel warmly welcomed and secure as you drive onto your property at night? Do you want to see the beauty of your home illuminated in a way that is dramatic yet subtle? Do you want your trees rising out of the darkness in ways that are both brilliant and natural The possibilities are endless.

If you hire Contemporary Living of Texas for your designer your investment will reward you every night year after year.