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    Professional Outdoor Lighting
    Enhance the beauty of your home with professional
    architectural lighting from Contemporary Living of Texas.
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    Increase the curb appeal of your home, while upgrading security
    with well-lit accents that run energy efficient with CAST LED.
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    You Can See
    Lighting Design Experts
    Choosing Contemporary Living of Texas
    results in architectural lighting design
    fit for your home's unique beauty.

Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary Living of Texas has over 30 years of landscape design and lighting experience in all voltage ranges and light types. I do what I do because I love what I do. It's not a job to me, it's an art project to take over where your Architect/Builder left off and further enhance the beauty of you home and outdoor spaces.

We have chosen to use the CAST LED Lighting fixtures because of their exceptional performance, durability, and integrated modular approach (they can be serviced and upgraded as technology changes). The fixtures are solid bronze and copper construction that are timeless and age gracefully through a patina process – you will love how they blend into your landscape. Through control and design flexibility, the fixtures will be set up with perfect brightness and beam spread at installation and later on as the landscape changes. All of the CAST Lighting fixture bodies used in your landscape design come with a lifetime warranty and a service warranty that includes periodic inspections and overall system checks to ensure your lighting is performing as originally designed.

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Showcase you style oursite home with inspiration from these exteior paint color schemes. Send us a drawing and we respond with a quote.

A new furniture typology for open spaces. our product range is a new haven in the office- for employees, clients and visitors alike.

Family room is the place to gather together with those you love. We make your hourse becomes your warm home with the spectacular furniture.

Family room is the place to gather together with those you love. We make your hourse becomes your warm home with the spectacular furniture.

FeaturesWhy Choose Us

Landscape lighting can enhance your property and transform it into a work of art and beauty with the perfect balance of light and contrast. We will create your uniquely designed landscape lighting to meet your lifestyle needs and expectations, while highlighting key focal points on your property. Your landscape lighting design will be simple, yet graceful, and will blend in with your landscape as to not detract from its beauty. In addition, the lighting will also help to ensure a safe and secure environment by illuminating walkways and entrance ways.

If you’re proud of your home and want to highlight its features, Contemporary Living of Texas is your choice for accenting specific architectural features. Columns, Entryways, Plants and Custom Masonry Work all featured prominently using energy efficient lighting equipment.

We've chosen Cast Lighting Equipment as our go-to supplier of quality, energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Since 2000, Cast Lighting has used the absolute best materials available to produce the finest fixtures for customers who appreciate quality.

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